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“For freedom Christ has set us free,” reads Galatians 5:1. But what does freedom really mean? Does it mean we can do whatever we want? Does it mean that God doesn’t care about sin in our lives? Each Sunday this fall, we will unpack Paul’s letter to the Galatians to discover what it means to have the gospel of grace change everything about our lives — the gospel of grace which says that Jesus has done everything required to make us right with God, and that there is nothing more we must or can do to secure our salvation. The more we understand who we are in Christ the more we will be able to live fully, freely, and joyfully for him.


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We’d love to chat with you! Please reach out to Timo Sazo, our Pastor of Community ([email protected]) to talk about how to make our church in Capital Presbyterian Reston a home for you and your family.