Sunday, February 5, 2023




Through our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes, we seek to mature in Christ-likeness, being able to navigate the complexities of life with knowledge, wisdom, and grace. Learn more about our ACE program here, and consider our current class offering below!

Reaching the West: Articulating the Faith in a Post-Christian World

January 8 – Febuary 19, lecture hall, 9:15AM

It’s easy to give lip service to the idea that the gospel is good news for all people, but in practice, we often are scared, indifferent, or lazy in sharing our faith, and we encounter unique cultural challenges today. With the help of Tim Keller’s short book, How to Reach the West Again, and Rebecca McLaughlin’s book, Secular Creed, our goal is to build a foundation of confidence for us all to share Christianity with friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Instructors: Reston team



Lecture Hall


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